The American Dream once gained is nothing unless eternity is attached to it.

I was blessed, I worked hard, played hard and made much money…yet my life was not complete.  I found myself wondering if the American Dream wasn’t the end of the road, what was?

Then the Lord was working on my heart, bringing to mind a Man, named Jesus Christ who had come to earth for a reason.  It is that reason I searched out and He got ahold of my heart and my life followed.

The habits God found displeasing fell away a bit at a time, I went to church…but more importantly I got to know who Jesus IS.  Religion became a relationship and grew…..

I followed His call to leave my position in the family business, go to Bible College to learn, strengthen my relationship with Him and to prepare myself for what was to come.

College came and went, a job at the Conference Center followed and then a call to Sundance, Wyoming.

We now serve the Chapel of Faith, love His people and the work put before us.

Never lose hope, always look to Him!

Pastor Dave