And the natives showed us unusual kindness; for they kindled a fire and made us all welcome, because of the rain that was falling and because of the cold.        ~Acts 28:2

A five-day journey substituting Elementary Music and a continuing exposure to one of my favorite films “Mary Poppins” has helped me in seeing how powerful simple and small acts of kindness are. Although never reaching my favorite song in the movie, “Feed the Birds” this song possesses a tiny, and yet substantial message.               When we put in our “tuppence” or “two cents” in a kind, unexpected way,                     the impact has the potential in changing our living as well as others.

Jesus was masterful in revealing the depth of his love as he was involved in looking     for places where a seemingly inconsequential work would have great impact             (e.g. The woman at the well, John 4:4-26). His love and compassion in this tiny and most unusual act of speaking to the Samaritan Woman not only transformed her life,   but many in her village. He shows us ways to dismantle the maliciousness in the world by simply “seeing” and then extending kindness.

The Little old Bird Women had nothing to offer but a bag full of crumbs. To the birds these were daily reminders of the care of another and were received as pure gold.        It was her deeds and the desire to involve others in something so unusual and insignificant that is so meaningful. God looks down upon the world he created and derives great pleasure when others are listening, looking and doing those unassuming things that have such substance. The slightest of actions reveal the depth of love, compassion and fondness that can’t be faked. It breaks and makes hearts.

It is through unusual kindness that character is revealed, and lives start changing.      The unnecessary involvement that others are not expecting are those that are most impacting and heart-warming. It is the light that shines as a smile erases at least momentarily all of life’s pressing issues and comprehends the sentiments to both giver and receiver. A “Tuppence” (two cents worth) rightly exercised can be the summation of all the goodness in your life to another. Please, feed the birds.

“Come, buy my bags full of crumb, come feed the little birds show them you care
and you’ll be glad if you do.”